Our Experience

We have extensive experience in diverse consumer and B2B categories as well as target respondent groups and various types of studies.

-Mobile communication products
-Consumer electronics
-Household appliances
-Fragrance and cosmetics
-Ad and Communication Testing

Types of Studies
-Advertising Awareness, Penetration and Communication tests
-Trade-Offs and Preferences Analysis
-Awareness, Usage, Attitudes, Customer Satisfaction and Retention Studies
-Behavior/Operating Patterns and Decision Criteria
-New Product and Service Development, including Concept Testing and Evaluation
-Quality Assurance Programs
-Employee Evaluation Studies
-Promotion and Program Effectiveness -Product trials / Usage tests

Types of Respondents
-CEO’s, CFO’s, Senior level executives, managers and purchase decision-makers
-Dealers/ retail salespersons
-Store buyers
-IT managers, OEMs
-Car owners -Students
-Product users
-Store shoppers
-Recent purchasers
-Patients/ sufferers
-Moms with young children