Data Processing

Market Probe International offers a complete in-house data processing center for market research needs. We provide data handling to some of the nation’s largest market research suppliers and data collection agencies as well as to many smaller organizations, independent consultants and corporate research departments. If you have internal processing departments, we are there to handle your overflow and act as your backup.

Also, we maintain an experienced staff with expertise in the field of market research, dedicated to keeping abreast of industry advances and meeting the needs of the market research community. All data entry work is verified and codes are reviewed by experienced project directors, and tables and tab plans are carefully checked.

  • Data Tabulations
  • Data conversions (CSV, ASCII, Quanvert, SPSS, MDD)
  • Electronic Transmission of Data and Reports
  • Statistical Testing and Multivariate Analysis
  • Online Surveys
  • Coding and Editing
  • Ranking and Indexing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Data Entry (including Optical Scanning)
  • Database/List Creation and Management
  • Report Delivered Electronically