Qualitative Research

Market Probe International utilizes both traditional and cutting edge research methodologies including:

- Traditional focus groupsvideo conf
- In-depth Interviews
- Gang Surveys
- Web-usability tests
- Online focus groups and discussions
- Online discussion boards, forums and communities
- Mood relaxation focus groups
- Ethnographies
- Home Visits

All services can be customized and Market Probe International can both execute US research and advise on strategic approach. Our approach to moderating is based on a personalized approach to form group cohesion and comfort while using a deep path of probing. It is client centered, collaborative and highly strategic. Our moderators will work with you to garner the insights you need and can provide intensive debrief and / or analytical report Cutting edge methodologies enable us to reach hard to find respondents, reduce travel costs and to elicit insights at a deeper level. Ask us about our online qualitative methodologies and mood relaxation focus groups! Meet our Moderators!